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C-TestIt! : Cosmic Software UNIT TESTING product

C-TestIt! is a product that allows users to "unit test" their C code.

Unit testing, in the case of C, is understood as the ability to test a function regardless of the rest of the application.
Unit testing is a complement to traditional testing, for those Customers who want to improve the quality of their software and therefore reduce future maintenance costs.

No need to recompile!! C-TestIt! uses a unique approach for unit testing, in that it actually allows you to test functions in the very body of your own application, since the tests are done not on the C source but on the actual executable file that is your application. This approach guarantees that the function is working in its final environment, and it relieves the sometimes tedious steps of having to recompile and link the tested function with added code that will implement the test. In the case of C-TestIt!, no code is added to your function, no compilation or link is necessary, C-TestIt! directly uses your own application.

Click here to download CtestIt Getting Started manual.

C-TestIt! main features

  • In Application Unit Testing: the code under test is the exact code you will later put into your target.
  • Can check every function of the project: all functions compiled in debug mode can be checked, with a single file load.
  • Gray Box Testing: user can specify a number of conditional statements that will be evaluated during function execution.
  • Works directly on the application code: no need to recompile or re-link.
  • Defines input parameters and expected results: all parameters of the function under test can be specified, using C expressions.
  • Defines values for global variables: global variables can de defined for every test using C expressions.
  • Test the function at their real location: since the test is done using the real application code, functions are thus tested at their real location thereby relieving the issues of function location, bank switching, ...
  • Test with the same memory model and compiler options than the real project: the real code is tested so all options and parameters of the code are respected.
  • Inputs (arguments, globals) can be specified as a single value, or as a range or a set of values thereby allowing to test the same function with different inputs in the same test session.
  • Create a suite of tests, or "Testoramas" to be run together.
  • Supports simulator and real hardware (BDM or ICE, JTAG, Emulators): C-TestI! Offers several variants for executing the code under test.
  • Runs interactively or in batch mode: tests can be run immediately and results visualized graphically or they can be run in batch mode with logging of output results.
  • Can produce reports for archive.
  • Can produce additional information such as Code Coverage and execution timing.
  • Anti-regression tool. Testoramas are very useful antiregression tools: once you have created a group of tests, execute them automatically on every new version of your software, to verify that no regressions have been introduced.

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