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Cosmic Software Commercial Information

This page contains some commercially-oriented information that apply to all Cosmic Products:

Software Protection and License Types

Cosmic's products are protected against illegal copying by Macrovision FLEXlm license manager. Cosmic products are available in three different licensing options:
  • Single Computer License
    The license is tied to a single computer. In case the computer breaks down you need to contact Cosmic to get another license for another computer. This license is not recommended anymore and is only available under special conditions.
  • Dongle License
    The license is provided by a dongle (a very little box that you connect the computer via parallel port or USB). This means that the software can be installed on any number of computers, but will work only on the computer to which the dongle is presently attached.
  • Floating License
    The license is provided by a server upon request of a computer attached to a network. This means that the software can be installed on any number of computers and that any single computer can run the tools only if no-one else is already doing so. The linger time of the floating license (minimum time between one user releasing the license and another user being able to use it) is 10 minutes.
Support and Maintenance Contract

All COSMIC Software products come with the first year of support included in the price. You will receive a courteous and prompt service from our technical support staff and you retain control of the severity of the problem i.e. if it's a problem that is critical to your project we guarantee you a response time of one to three business days depending on the severity of the problem. Service is provided during normal business hours via email, fax or telephone and is unlimited while you have a valid annual support agreement. New releases of the software are provided free of charge to support customers. After the first year, Cosmic will automatically send you a proposal to renew the Support contract for another year.

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