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Cosmic Software Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some Cosmic free products (like the stm32 and stm8 32k version) require me to register?

Some Cosmic free versions require to register in order to download and then to activate the product; the whole procedure is explained below.
First of all you need to register on the website in order to be able to download the product (if you are reading this page, you have probably done this already).
After you have downloaded the evaluation kit (example: stm32 + stm8) you are able to install it. During the installation, a registration window is displayed that has collected the informations about your PC (HOSTNAME, HOSTID, etc...) that are necessary in order to create the license. You must also fill up all the fields marked with an asterisk. If done correctly, the grayed buttons are now available. If you are directly connected to Internet, just click on the "Register by Email" button (this will send all the collected information to Cosmic). You will then later (this procedure is not done automatically) receive a file (license.lic file) that has to be copied in the "license" subfolder of the compiler.